What we do

Home improvement is an essential part of construction. It involves renovating, repairing, and upgrading various aspects of a home to enhance its functionality, aesthetics, and value. Home improvement projects can range from minor repairs to major renovations, such as adding new rooms, changing the layout, or upgrading existing systems. Whatever the project, home improvement requires careful planning, skilled labor, and quality materials to ensure a successful outcome. With the right approach, home improvement can transform a house into a comfortable, efficient, and stylish home that meets the needs of everyone!

  • 2022

Full Home Renovation, Bolton

  • 2022

Garage Asbestos Replacement

  • 2022

Damp Ceiling Repair


Walls & Ceilings

> False ceiling framing, boarding, and filling

>Timber or metal frame stud wall creation

>Adding additional rooms and spaces to make the most of what you have.

Wall Mounting

>Hollow wall, 'dot+dab', brick, and thermalyte mounting

>TV's, wall-mounted fireplaces, cabinets

>Furniture safety securing

General Repairs & Fixes

>Damp stain repair

>Plasterboard damage

>Screed/Floor Levelling

>Socket and light fitting replacements

Painting & Decoration

>Wall and ceiling interior emulsion, from base to final coat

>Damp stain removal

>Door and woodwork glossing

>Hardwood door and stair waxing and oiling



>Kitchen unit building and fitting

>Integrated appliance installation

>Extractor and wall unit mounting

>Ducting and boxing-in

>Tiling and grouting

Home Improvements

>Socket and lighting upgrades

>Curtain & Blind installation

>Brick and concrete repairs

>Loft and wall insulation

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